For those whi don't know, China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, was established in the spring of 1957.  As a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the broadest distribution of buyers' source country and the greatest business turnover in China, Canton Fair is hailed as China’s No.1 Fair and the barometer of China’s foreign trade.

We are glad to be part of thh trade show. And we sldo very excited to introduce our prducts to customers from vary defferent areas.
It's nice to have coversation with you guys, and we are looking forward for our next meeting.
Kia GT Concept, which the company hopes will compete with the Audi A7
Yes, we were also a bit surprised to find out that Kia plans on entering that rarified air where Bimmers and Audis and Porsches (and bears, oh my) travel in style. But, as with the automaker’s K900, the Kia GT will probably try to appeal to customers who recognize that while it doesn’t have the pedigree of the big-name European brands, it offers comparable luxury at a (relatively) low price. 

The problem Kia faces, of course, is that many people who are in the market for a premium vehicle consider pedigree to be the most important feature (one of the reasons the Korean automaker isn’t selling many K900 models, even though Lebron likes them).

While a diesel model will be sold in Europe, the Kia GT will be primarily aimed at the US market. When the GT arrives in American showrooms in late 2016, we can probably expect a rear-wheel-drive model that is powered by a turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 engine. In concept form, that engine yielded 389 horsepower and and 394 lb-ft of torque, and was paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.